Frequently Asked Questions

How do the appointments work?
You may book an appointment by calling or scheduling online. Depending on the size of the space, we schedule a block of time for you. The maid will arrive promptly at the start of your appointment - you may be present or you may choose to leave a set of keys with your permission at your building's front desk. (Due to high demand, we now require a minimum of 2 days notice. We book quickly, so it's always better to call in advance!)

Do you provide the cleaning supplies?
Yes, our maids provide all the cleaning products at no cost. (The only additional fee is for the provision of a vacuum cleaner.) If you prefer your own cleaning products, you may request for the maid to use them.
*Green Cleaning products available for the eco-friendly (no extra cost)

Are you bonded and insured?
Yes, we are fully bonded and insured.

What exactly do the maids clean?
That depends on you! We are able to focus on your preferred tasks, time permitted. Our 'Mozart' service covers the basic essentials of an apartment cleaning (disinfecting bathrooms and kitchen, dusting and mopping living areas, etc). Our 'Bach' service provides a deeper cleaning for more attention to detail (inside appliances, baseboards and corners, etc). Our 'Vivaldi' service focuses on a complete, master cleaning appropriate for seasonal cleanings with extra attention to minutiae.

Will your maids do laundry?
Yes, they are able to, time permitting. There is an additional fee.

Do your maids cook?

Do you provide in-home living assistance or home care?
No. We are strictly a cleaning service. Our maids are trained to clean your home or office. They are not able to run personal errands. We are continuously expanding, however, so we may be able to provide this service in the future.

Where are your maids from?
Our maids are from diverse backgrounds. Some are students, some are mothers, some are artists, some are even models! They all have one thing in common: they have big dreams, and they are all working in pursuit of those possibilities. We are incredibly proud of our staff.

We do not discriminate based on cultural or ethnic background. We hire with a focus on professional work experience and overall personality. Because of that, we are proud to say that our maids have great experience to bring their learned skills to your home. Our focus is on quality, and we are confident that our maids will do a great job. Note: All of our maids speak English to make for easier communication.

Are your maids trustworthy?
Yes, you may absolutely trust our maids. We screen all applicants and perform thorough background checks. To give an example of our exclusivity, we invite less than 10% of applicants for interviews. From the interview pool, we select a handful for our training process. From these trainees, we select one or two (if any) for a full time position. We focus on 1) professional experience, 2) intellect and They have all undergone a strict screening process and have had thorough background checks. They also have great employment history in hospitality and hotels, other maid agencies, etc. Symphony Maids treats our maids well and they would not do anything to risk their employment with us.

Must I be present at the time of the appointment?
No, you do not. Most of our clients are busy, working New Yorkers, and they book their appointments during the day so that their apartments are clean by the time they return home. In the case that you cannot be present at the time of your appointment, please leave a set of keys as well as your unique permission with your doorman/concierge. 

With that said, some clients opt to be present at the first appointment - whether for the entire duration or just the first 10 minutes. They may prefer this for the first appointment to introduce themselves, meet our maids, provide a tour of the apartment and to give their own specific requests to the maids.

How do I pay for the service?
We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover) as well as cash or checks. If paying by cash or check, please leave them with the maid. If paying by credit card, just tell us and we will process your payment at the end of your appointment. We never process payments until the completion of service.

Note: We have a very strict 24-hour change/cancellation policy. For that reason, we require a credit card to hold your appointment. Our maids' time is valuable as they take the effort to commute to your home. This policy also exists out of respect for our customers. By reserving your service, we forfeit the opportunity to schedule another customer that honors his/her appointment.

Do I have to tip the maid?
While tipping is not mandatory, most of our clients do choose to give our maids gratuity. The amount varies by customer, so it is up to you how much to give. 
For those customers who prefer not to tip, a simple thank you note is always appreciated by our hardworking maids.