A Few Words About Us

Dear New Yorker,

We understand what it's like to live a busy, on-the-go lifestyle in our bustling city. But that does not mean that life has to be hectic!

Coming from a hospitality background, we focus on bringing the hotel experience to you. Our approach is to take care of all facets of your home so you have nothing to worry about - the only effort you make is to dream about (then tell us) how you want us to organize your home. Customized cleaning is what we are all about.

In a nutshell, that is why we are here: to make your life just a little bit easier. Let us take the responsibility of cleaning your home. We believe that a clean and organized space helps to bring balance into your life. While you are out being the busy New Yorker that you are, you will always have an immaculate, peaceful home to return to.

So, go on being that busy professional, parent, student, or whoever you are that contributes to our great city. Leave the tedium of cleaning to us.

With kindness,
Owner of Symphony Group


"Best cleaning service I have ever had. 5 star service. Very thorough and professional. I am very happy with the service they have provided since I joined."
Edward E.
"I had cleaning services before, but Symphony provided best service for me. Lady come @ time, clean very thorough, I wish I had her for longer time, it took little longer, but she did outstanding job! I will definitely use Symphony cleaning services again."
Angelica G.
"Great service -- took considerably longer than estimated because I have a large studio that had not been cleaned professionally, ever, and because my maid did such an incredibly thorough job! I am very happy with the results and will definitely hire Symphyony Maids again."
"I have used Symphony maids 3 times - each time with a different maid. They were all great, and consistent with the other maids' services. They go above and beyond (folding clothes that were in a pile, organizing my medicine cabinet, etc). I tried another service (******** maids) which was not anywhere near as good as Symphony. I really have no complaints..." *name of organization removed

Meet Our Staff

Symphony Maids is founded on principles that value all people involved.
Our customers are important, of course. Our maids are also important. That is why we are incredibly selective in the way we select our staff. We handpick all of our maids based on three criteria: extensive experience in professional housekeeping, intellectual capacity for problem solving, and overall friendliness and honesty. The combination of these characteristics in our maids is what makes them unique. Not only are they highly experienced, their problem solving skills and attention to detail enable them to fully understand your unique needs in order to create a comfortable home for you.

Our maids come from diverse backgrounds. Some are students, some are mothers, some are artists, some are even models! They all have one thing in common: they have big dreams, and they are all working in pursuit of those possibilities. We are incredibly proud of our staff.

Most importantly, our maids are good people. Above being co-workers, it is incredibly important for our staff to be a group of friends. During the hiring and training processes, we strive to grow a great group of people as we believe that a happy staff works best. Then, we are able to bring that foundation of honesty, quality and integrity to your home. Happiness is contagious!