"The Comfort and Luxury of Clean"

Providing busy New Yorkers with the highest quality of service and care

A clean and comfortable living space means a clean and comfortable daily life. It becomes harder to make time to thoroughly clean your home with all the commitments of work and family life. The new maid service at Symphony Group prides itself on top quality service, following the same tradition it has held since 1986 as a top quality dry cleaning service. Just ask the million-plus happy customers!

Our Method & Philosophy

You are unique, and so is your home
We recognize that everyone is unique. Each home is a reflection of each individual. For that reason, we cater to your specific requests. Do you like to keep your home a peaceful sanctuary? How about a fun getaway of entertainment? Or an art gallery boasting your tastes as a collector? Our principles are founded on customized cleaning - you tell us how you like it.

The focus is on YOU
Ultimately, the focus is on you and how you like to build your home. Everybody has different tastes and not everybody may agree on what constitutes a beautiful home, but the important thing is to feel blissful in a home that you love.

Hotel Quality Service & Hospitality
Developed by people with hospitality experience, Symphony Maids is founded on hotel-quality service. We don't just clean your home; we strive to bring that unique experience of having everything taken care of for you. Our maids and staff will go above and beyond to make sure that you receive the highest quality of service and, most importantly, that you are satisfied.

Pleasant & Happy Experience
First and foremost, we take great strides to make sure that we have good people on our staff. Aside from professionalism and skill, we factor in the maids' personalities: friendliness, honesty and integrity are of utmost importance. That way, you can completely trust our maids in every way. Have you ever heard about how the mood of a chef can affect the taste of his food? Well, we believe that also applies to cleaning your home. We make sure to keep a happy and friendly synergy amongst our staff so that they are able to bring that calm to you.

Open Communication
Talk to us! We sincerely enjoy getting to know each and every one of our customers. We are here to provide you with our services, but, ultimately, we are here for you.

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